Tetrix Facebook App Released

Fantasy Games LLC today announced the release of its Tetrix facebook app. Company spokesman James Chang said "Everyone grew up loving Tetris and there is a huge demand for it free online." Tetrix is based on the classic video game Tetris where a player tries to complete rows of blocks as they fall before they become stacked to the top. Tetrix was created in 1985 by Alexey Pazhitnov on an Electronica 60. A huge dispute about its ownership kept it tied up in court until 1993 and the constant headlines gave it a lot of free press in an era when computer games were gaiming popularity. "Even with all the new strategy games, nothing beats a good old fashioned game of Tetrix," added Chang. To get your free online version of Tetrix go to and Like us on facebook. Then click Go To App for hours of free play.

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