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Brooklyn, NY, May 10th, 2011 – is now offering all-new and improved African products on its website. The aim is to provide its buyers the best ethnic African experience.

Back2Africa specializes in distributing African jewelry, handicrafts, clothing and a range of personal care products, all available at affordable prices. The benefit of shopping at Back2Africa is the availability of high quality merchandise, specially procured from genuine African markets and craftsmen, to give you a wide selection at a single destination.

The handicrafts collection from Back2Africa is carefully selected to represent Africa at its ethnic best. Shadow boxes, ebony, wood and soapstone carvings make excellent pieces for your home and office. Most of these pieces are sourced from Africa and made by highly skilled craftsmen. They also make beautiful gift items.

The Back2Africa clothing line ‘ASHANTI’ features African Dashikis, Kaftans and complete African wear for men, women and children. Available in vibrant colors representing the spirit of Africa, these clothes can be worn on formal and informal occasions in western societies. The jewelry mostly consists of beaded necklaces, earrings and bracelets strung together to form attractive pieces to be teamed with western, as well as other, forms of clothing.

The Shea butter products available at Back2Africa are sourced from Ghana and are among the most popular personal care products, mostly because this butter is processed without any chemicals and as a result retains its entire natural healing and moisturizing properties. Shea butter can be used for the treatment of varied skin ailments like diaper rash, sunburn, as a hair conditioner and for other innumerable skin benefits.

Back2Africa is based out of Brooklyn, NY and is a family run enterprise.  It has been in the business of supplying African specialties’ to buyers all over the world with over 40 years of experience. The company is sensitive to the needs of the African people based in Africa and their struggles over the years. As a result, it sources its products from African markets and craftsmen. The Shea butter is procured from Ghana and is produced by a small community where unemployment is rampant and where standards of living are low. Back2Africa also gives part of its profit to the Clodagh Group which specializes in providing education to impoverished children in Kenya. The company also guarantees complete customer support and satisfaction through their safe and easy buying experience. Address:
Corporate Headquarters:
Back To Africa Imports
140 58th street
Building A, suite #6m (6th floor)
(718) 492-5100

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