Justin Bieber Bottle Bash Facebook App

Bieber Bash LLC today announced the release of its Justin Bieber Bottle Bash facebook app. "A lot of people have had enough of Justin Bieber and this is a fun little way to say enough is enough," said Justin Barron, spokesman for Bieber Bash. Justin Bieber burst on to the music and entertainment scene after becoming a YouTube and Twitter sensation. Young teen girls around the world are have Bieber Fever and any parent of a teen or tween hears about Justin's happenings daily. Parents and young males have become tired of the non-stop Justin chatter and look for an escape possible which has caused the rumor that Justin is gay. Justin's relationship with Selena Gomez has quieted the rumor for the time being. "In reality we wish Justin well, but we do have a lot of fun throwing fake water bottles at him and hearing him talk about how it hurts," Barron continues. To join the Justin Bieber Bottle Bash Facebook App frenzy go to Like us and then click Go To App.

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