Announcing the publication release of “The Emergency Room” by Joseph C. Scott III.

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< class="field-item odd"> The release of “The Emergency Room” is from inspirational author, Joseph C. Scott III : an inspirational story of the healing power of Prayer.

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The release of  “The Emergency Room” is from inspirational author, Joseph C. Scott III :  an inspirational story of the healing power of Prayer.
Omaha, NE, June 12, 2013:   Joseph has completed his second volume for Kindle eBook series Love Notes For The Soul, now available through exclusively on the Kindle platform.    

“Emergency Room” focuses on the power of prayer.  Joe conveys that the power of prayer is of great importance in our lives.  Joe conveys that; ultimately, prayer has power, it is a spiritual force, it connects us and lets us tap into the energy of the Universe; it is a way to express your faith in whatever you believe in.

Joe found the inspiration for this book after his son's health emergency.  He explains, “I pray of course, but I never truly believed prayers had any immediate and sudden impact.  In other words, I believed prayer was a process over time, building a foundation for some future possibility or to sooth some current emotional pain.  When I took my son to the ER because of a possible appendectomy, all of my doubt, all my beliefs of and about prayer radically changed.  The impact of this event has forever changed me.”

All it took was his son saying, “Daddy, will you pray with me?”

If you are interested in reading a free press copy, please contact his EA at and provide your credentials and e-mail address.   

Joe lives in Omaha, Nebraska.  Joe is available for interviews, speaking engagements, and motivational seminar appearances.  He also owns his own successful business consulting firm serving Fortune 500 companies to small business owners.   Joe writes and speaks from his heart and from his deepest desire to help give others inspiration, hope, and motivation.   His self-proclaimed mantra is: Move Forward, Forgive Forward, Pay It Forward, Be Forward.  Joe is currently working on his future book releases which include “Twisted,”  “Love Notes” and  "Lies From The Enemy."   You can find more on Joe at

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